Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the GDF looking for more projects?

Yes, we are always looking for new projects. It is important however that you read through the criteria we use to select projects before submitting one to us. We can not say at this stage how many new projects will receive funding, but there is no harm in putting yours forward.

2. If I travel to a destination where one of the projects is operating, can I visit?

Yes, certainly. All of what we are funding is intended to provide unique and authentic travel experiences, so unless the project is in the very early stages and there is nothing yet available to see, there should be no problem in visiting. To arrange a visit you will need to make contact with the local project partner.

3. What happens when a project is fully funded?

The projects which are fully funded move to the implementation phase. During the implementation phase updates on progress will be posted on the project page. Once implementation is complete, the beneficiaries will start to earn income from travelers and a percentage of this income will be set aside to repay the loan to the GDF. This is important because it enables the GDF to use these funds again on another project.

4. How will you assess if a project can repay the loan?

Normally this is done by discussing with potential "users" (mainly local and international tour operators) about sales potential for the product. In areas with limited existng tourism or with severe infrastructure constraints, it may be that the numbers of visitors will be very low to start, so this will be factored into the repayment schedule and the total amount of the loan we can extend. We also spend a lot of time evaluating the skills and experience of the local implementation partner in assessing whether a loan will be made and the quantum of the loan.

5. Can I volunteer to work on projects the GDF is funding?

Whenever there are volunteer opportunities offering on a project we will highlight this and provide contact details where you can get more information.

6. Do you provide any grant funding?

In exceptional circumstances we may provide some grant funding along side a loan. It will generally not constitute more than a small percentage of total funds we disperse.

7. Is there a particluar preference in the types of projects you will fund?

No. The three things we look for are a) demonstrable benefit (social. cultural, environmental) for the local community, b) great authentic local travel experiences for the traveler and c) the market. If these three elements are in place we are happy.