1. GDF Connects with Local Partner

In a particular destination, the GDF links up with a local partner(community initiative, social entrepreneur or nongovernmental organization) doing something that generates social, cultural or environmental benefits, adds to the geographical character of the place and could potentially engage travelers.

2. Local Partner Requests Funding for a Project

The local partner applies for GDF funding to develop the proposed project, which will in turn generate a sustainable revenue stream via traveler visits. Each project is reviewed to ensure it will be financially sustainable and generate positive social, cultural or environmental impacts.  GDF will provide assistance and support in the development stages of the project if required. 

3. Project Displayed

GDF provides information and details about the proposed project on its website. Visitors to the GDF website learn about the project and can donate directly to it. Concurrently, our partners organisations can support by displaying a customisable GDF widget on their website. The widget displays a list of the current projects and asks readers to make a small contribution to the project of their choice. Other institutions may also provide matching funds.

4. Funds Raised – Project Ready

When a funding target is reached, the local partner receives a disbursement and starts implementing the project, preparing it to welcome travelers. Our travel industry supporters can then include the tour (ie, the outcome of the project) in their itineraries and portfolios of geotourism activities.

5. Sustainable Revenue – Beneficiary Benefits

The local community beneficiary (initiative or organization) can now benefit from revenue from travelers that did not previously exist, which may reduce dependency on external donors and/or act as a welcome supplement to conventional methods of fundraising.

6. Maintaining the ‘Connection’

On returning from a trip, enthusiastic travelers can post reviews of their visits and share their experiences with a wider audience, inspiring others to do the same. The GDF website and its associated social media accounts allow people to show their interest and support on an ongoing basis.

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